Dismantling disparities so equity and justice are no longer dreams - Shenell

Racial Equity and Justice Conversations

Creating spaces for uncomfortable dialogue is IMPERATIVE in order to shift the outcomes for people of color, families with low -income, women and other marginalized groups.  Whether hosting conversations in boardrooms, staff meetings, churches and other civic organizations - the time is NOW! Request Brick by Brick Consulting NC to facilitate your next conversation.  Dismantling disparities Brick by BrickJoin the JUSTICE LEAGUE and let's start working together to address racism, systemic oppression, microaggressions, and our own implicit bias.




Grant Writing and Strategic Planning

Do you have a new program or strategy within your organization that requires additional financial resources to implement?  Does your current capacity limit responses to new funding opportunities?

Is your organization ready to plan strategically for the next 2-5 years?  Do you need a thought-provoking facilitator to ask the hard question and engage your board and staff through a strategic planning process?

Brick by Brick Consulting NC has a proven track record in grant writing and strategic planning.  Let us help you minimize the strain on existing staff and pursue future funding opportunities while mapping out your strategic vision.


Join the Justice League Conversation



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