Our Mantra

Every person, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, income-level, educational attainment, age, or ZIP CODE should expect a community that is EQUITABLE and JUST!

Brick by Brick Consulting NC is committed to facilitating uncomfortable conversations to ensure that we are no longer comfortable in a world where individuals seek to exclude and create silos of JUST US rather than JUSTICE!

Dismantling centuries of systemic oppression and racism, while challenging unfair policies and practices is at the core of the work we do on a daily basis!

Our Founder and CEO

Shenell McClurkin Thompson, MA, CEPF

Shenell Thompson is the Founder of Brick by Brick Consulting NC. The primary focus of Brick by Brick is to facilitate open dialogue, while addressing the implicit bias, systems and barriers that perpetuate disparities in: education, healthcare, social justice and financial stability for households of color and women. She leads this work through strategic planning, leadership development, motivational speaking, financial capabilities training and financial coaching.

With more than 15 years experience as a financial educator, certified credit counselor, housing counselor and financial coach; Shenell found her passion in asset building efforts and serves on the steering committees of the Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County Asset Building Coalition, North Carolina Asset Alliance, Southern Region Asset Building Coalition, and Prosperity Now. She sounds a clarion alarm to organizations, encouraging them to identify the systemic barriers and policies implemented that negate the success of those they serve.