Financial Education


Financial Education seems like a great idea until it's time to pick up the kids, prepare meals, complete homework or simply catch your breath after a long day at the office.  Brick by Brick recognizes the challenges of putting YOU first at the end of the day.  Removing obstacles and making information easily accessible is our promise!  Beginning in September of 2018, we will offer live webinars from the comfort of your computer or mobile device!

Financial Coaching

What is a Financial Coach? Think of us as your MONEY BFF! We listen (or read emails) as you share your financial goals and then we offer supportive guidance along the way!  If you need a friendly reminder to make your saving's deposit - check your email (we got you)!  Do you seem to overspend during holidays or special events? Let's talk about it, or type about it!  We can set incremental goals that help you enjoy life without draining your accounts!  Check back with us in September and let's start your plan!


The VIP Lounge

THE VIP LOUNGE was created with you in mind.  Are you ready to fall in love with your money again?  Sometimes the biggest obstacle to your personal financial stability is honoring YOUR MONEY IMAGE!  Join us in the VIP LOUNGE and identify the negative thoughts and actions that sabotage your goals. Using affirming words and phrases, write your MONEY MANTRA and leave the VIP LOUNGE with a NEW MONEY IMAGE!

Host your own VIP LOUNGE  (minimum of 5 attendees) with your family, friends, church group, civic or fraternal organization or attend THE VIP LOUNGE open to the public.  The Money Lounge is a 90 minute Money Makeover which includes:

a pre-session money personality assessment;

breaking the bondage of  the money trap, what does your mind tell you about your financial stability;

writing your NEW MONEY MANTRA; and

creating your NEW MONEY IMAGE!


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