My 10-year-old nephew wants to be a cross-country runner

Normally, when my baby sister calls to tell me about a new endeavor one of her children sets out to accomplish, I’m so excited. But for some reason, the image of the 14-year-old black boy running from a lawn while shots were fired from a white homeowner flashed into my head IMMEDIATELY. I listened quietly and did not interject my thoughts, but they haunted me all day. 

I had to ask myself, “Who am I becoming as I strive to become more keenly aware of social injustices towards people of color? What price tag dangles from the cloth of WOKE? What I am willing to deny in order to defy being mentally enslaved?”

The constant barrage of images, news articles, and videos broadcasted across social mediums of people of color (young and old) experiencing near death is often paralyzing.  It is in those initial moments that I find myself struggling to process the anger, fear, sadness, despair and utter disgust.  Yet that cycle of potent emotions is required so that I may render a solution, objection or acceptance to the issue. Every day, I have to choose how much I’m willing to pay for peace’s sake.  And on yesterday, I had to remember that 10-year-old students don’t run through neighborhoods as unaccompanied minors. I reminded myself that we have a few years to teach him what steps to take if he becomes lost or in need of help. And finally, I went to Amazon Prime and started looking for exercise watches with tracking devices that are capable of making an emergency call.

Today, I asked my sister, “How were the tryouts?”  She said, “He did well, they will let us know something soon!”  My 10-year-old nephew wants to run cross country track – I’m trying to be excited!



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