Sometimes LISTENING is the first step in the journey to social healing!  Perhaps you are emotionally raw and exhausted from the barrage of injustices you are experiencing personally or from afar!  We hear you and we see you!   We invite you to join us at the JUSTICE LEAGUE and center yourself!  Fill your cup, take a deep breath and let's talk!  The JUSTICE LEAGUE is a safe zone to talk about social injustices and disparities.

Finding your voice to address social injustices can often be intimidating.  Calling people out on blatant racism or microaggressions often involve uncomfortable emotions.  BEING SILENT IS NEVER AN OPTION!

Our Own Table

Women of Color in leadership positions within the workplace often experience an overwhelming sense of isolation and exhaustion.  Professional Development, Team Building Exercises and Leadership Retreats fail to connect the dots black women experience within the workforce.

As I navigated through my last year of working for an organization, I craved moments to step away and talk with my Sisters - I needed someone who could understand the microaggressions. I needed a space beyond the walls of my office to vent, cry and simply be angry.

Black Women, there will always be a space for you at the forefront of Brick By Brick. Come join me at Our Own Table on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 11:30 AM at Cam's Coffee Creation for lunch and an intimate conversation.  Each conversation will cover a unique topic with the goal of moving us towards emotional healing.  There is a nominal fee of $25.

Reserve Your Seat at OUR OWN TABLE.


White Spaces is an intimate gathering for white women brave enough to engage in uncomfortable conversations to:

Unpack white privilege,

Identify personal bias,

Understand microaggressions,

Check white fragility, and

Become a true accomplice for Black and Brown people.

There will be no silent observers at White Spaces.

There will be no history lessons at White Spaces.

There will be no call to solve racism at White Spaces.

And there will be no lessons about diversity and equity at White Spaces.

White Spaces will be a space for you to step yield your privilege and create something awesome!

Coffee Breaks EVERY THURSDAY at 3:30 PM

Join us every Thursday at [3:30] on Facebook Live and Instagram for a 15-minute conversation about implicit bias.

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